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Month: July 2016

7-25-16 Slugger of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 1.27.38 PM

Time to get back at it with my MLB segment, Slugger of the Day. Tonight, I’m rolling with the best contact hitter in baseball, Jose Altuve. Altuve has always been scary for pitchers, but now that he is hitting for power, he has become a full blown nightmare for any pitcher whether they are an ace or not. He faces Pineda of the Yankees tonight who, yes, had a good start last game, but has been very on and off all year when it comes to putting good starts together back to back. People like to go with him for tournaments because he has double digit K potential, but if you really look into it, he gets hit around pretty often. 5.25 ERA while allowing a walk every 3 innings and over a hit per inning. Yes, Altuve is better to target against left handed pitchers, but he still hits righties very well and he has the better chance to steal you a bag as it’s harder to hold a man on when you’re back is to first on the stretch. If you look at Altuve’s game log, which is in the picture I posted, you’ll see that he is a hit machine and can get you a multi-hit performance almost with ease. Get him in there tonight at his discounted salary.

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