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Month: August 2017

When I was younger, the date to look forward to was always December 25th. As the years have gone by and I have become an adult, there’s a new date that feels like Christmas. The date this year is September 7th. This is the opening night of the 2017-2018 football season as the Patriots host the Chiefs. The smell of football is now wafting in the air and Iv’e never been more prepared!

As the FD-Guru franchise starts to grow bigger and bigger, the idea of fantasy football seems just a little sweeter. Membership prices will be as low as I can make them in order to grab as many new faces as possible. Fantasy football is a special thing and will always be the number 1 fantasy sport to play. Here’s a look on how things are going to go as far as my picks go:

Same idea as last year: 4 lineups per week (Based on FanDuel)


Sunday 1pm only

Sunday 4pm only

Sun.- Mon. night (Primetime)

Mon. night – Thurs. night

The last two slates there are more GPP based because there are only 2 games per slate. This makes it a bit easier to pick that perfect combination to grab the top spot you want in your tournament.

The one issue with these slates is that they aren’t as popular as the Sunday Main slate. The double up contests and tournaments aren’t quite as big, which can leave a variation of the money line from week to week. Im thinking about adding a lineup designed for the NFL Sunday Main slate which includes all games on NFL Sunday.

People have already started utilizing the simple purchasing process on my site for the NFL season memberships. If you have an questions at all about my business or how my website works, just hit the contact tab on my site or message me on twitter @fd_guru.

I hope you are as excited for the upcoming NFL season as I am!!!



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