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6-5-16 Slugger of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.53.11 AM

I think today, the slugger is a no brainer. I’m rolling with Bryce Harper at a disrespectful price of $4,000. He is facing Jon Moscot who really should be a bullpen pitcher or in AAA because he has been absolutely awful. He sports a 7.13 ERA and that might honestly go up after facing the tough Nationals lineup at the friendly-hitting Great American Ball-Park. Now I know that Harper has been slumping lately, but he has a perfect matchup today to break out and go deep. I’m solely picking Harper because it’s greatness vs. Moscot. Whenever a player at the talent level is facing a guy like Moscot, I’m most likely 100% in. Enjoy Harper at $4,000 today. Moscot is as talented as a mascot. You might as well have Mr. Red on the mound today in full uniform.

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