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Fantasy Potential for Sunday’s NBA Matchups

Today’s NBA games offer many opportunities for fantasy players looking for matchups with good potential. Whether it’s the Lakers and Wizards with Lebron and Lonzo coming off their triple-double game, the top tier matchup between the conference leading Raptors and the Nuggets in Denver, or the Kings at the Mavericks, who are looking to recover from their loss to the bottom of the barrel Suns, all these matchups offer up picks with good potential for fantasy lineups. 

As the Wizards try to topple the Lakers in DC tonight, Bradley Beal ($8,300/38.66 FPPG) is one player that offers great potential and a high point ceiling for fantasy lineups. In the month of December, Beal has been on fire, having three games where he has scored above 30 points and overall averaging 27.9 points while playing an average 39.3 minutes. Looking at the fantasy side, he has picked up above 40 fantasy points in 41% of his matchups while also offering little downside, having never picked up below 25 FP so far this season. Overall Beal is a solid pick for those looking to take advantage of this matchup. 

In the Mile High City, Monte Morris ($5,200/21.46 FPPG) will continue working in his bigger, more central role as injuries take their toll on the Denver team. His performance in the Nuggets last two games showed that he can handle this role, with 20 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assist against the Grizzlies and 14 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals against a strong OKC team. If he can keep up in tonight’s game, fantasy players can look for him to score at least 30 fantasy points, something he has done in his team’s last three games. While he comes with some risk due to some less than stellar performances this season, Morris still offers enough upside and value to fantasy players due to his increased role and should be considered a must pick for those looking to play this matchup. 

Luka Doncic ($7,900/33.35 FPPG) will be working hard tonight to help the Mavericks avoid another loss after falling last game to the Suns, who are ranked last in the West. Doncic hasn’t been very consistent in scoring in December, but his assists and rebounds have been helping to keep him relevant as far as fantasy points go. In the Mavs game against Orlando earlier this month, Doncic only scored 7 points but still came away with 34.7 fantasy points due to his 11 rebounds and 9 assists. If he can get his accuracy up and score more points he will only become more valuable for Dallas and fantasy players alike. While Doncic has had some troubles lately, he has scored above 30 fantasy points in 65.4% of his performances making him a decent pick for fantasy players willing to risk to downside. 

On the other side of the Sacramento and Dallas matchup, Buddy Hield ($6,300/29.55 FPPG) offers a more stable and consistent pick for those unwilling to risk it on Doncic’s recent accuracy woes. Hield has been great this season from long range, connecting on 42.9% of his three pointers and currently ranking 10th in the league with 79 of them. In the month of December he has averaged 20.6 points, 4 rebounds and 2.3 assists, yielding fantasy players an average 29.8 FP. His accuracy from the three and steady rebounds along with consistent fantasy points and a low price make him a value pick that will be a great addition to any fantasy lineup. 

Today’s NBA slate offers unique fantasy potential. With all the different scenarios around the league such as a top tier team like Toronto looking to avenge their earlier loss to Denver at home, or the Mavs looking to come back after embarrassment brought on by the Suns, fantasy players can choose from a plethora of different picks. Some of these players are taking different roles due to team injures, others are looking to improve from poor performances and others still are looking to keep up their stellar play. Whatever scenario or game is chosen, tonight’s NBA games are sure to be interesting matchups for both causal watchers and die-hard fantasy players. 

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