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Fantasy Potential in a Top 25 Matchup

Tonight’s matchup between #4 Gonzaga and #12 UNC offers fantasy potential for players looking for a Top 25 matchup to play. Gonzaga has to win this game to avoid a back to back loss, something they haven’t had since 2014. North Carolina, who has gone 1-2 in non-conference matchups this season is going to be looking for a win today to add to their resume alongside a blowout win against UCLA. UNC is also the last ranked opponent on Gonzaga’s schedule, so the Bulldogs will have to make sure to take advantage of a less than stellar UNC defense to ensure they pick up this much needed win. 

One player with great fantasy potential in tonight’s game is Gonzaga’s Brandon Clarke ($8,700/36.69 FPPG). So far this season, Clarke has averaged 16.9 points and 8.2 rebounds per game. Tonight, he will be looking to put up a similar performance to the one he had in Gonzaga’s loss against Tennessee, where despite the loss he put up 21 points, 9 rebounds and 3 steals. His fantasy performance this season has also been solid. In all but two of his games, he has put up above 30 fantasy points and also has four 40+ FP games including a season high 50.6 FP in Gonzaga’s second game this season.  

Another Gonzaga player worth looking at is forward Rui Hachimura ($8,200/32.58 FPPG). He has put up an average 22.2 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game this season. In his last 5 performances he has played an average 33.4 minutes, with an average 21.4 points per game in that same period. His fantasy potential has stayed steady throughout this season, with many high fantasy point games. His fantasy points dropped slightly in the team’s loss against Tennessee from the prior two games but overall he still remains a solid pick, with five totals in the 30 – 40 FP range and his overall dominant offensive performances to vouch for him. 

UNC also offers fantasy players a pick in this matchup with Luke Maye ($7,800/28.00 FPPG). Maye hasn’t put up the highest totals this season, but he has supplied consistency. His average points sit at 13.7 PPG but his rebounds are where he really shines with an average 9.4 rebounds per game. In UNC’s loss against Michigan, he had a season high 15 rebounds, which also brought him a double-double due to his 11 points. His fantasy performance this year only has two performances early in the season above 30 FP, but he has been consistently in the high 20s which offers fantasy players a decent alternative to those picks which might be more expensive and less consistent. 

With both Gonzaga and UNC needing a win in this matchup, they will be sure to use their players to full potential. Gonzaga will need to use their offensive tools to take advantage of the Tar Heels weak defense, while UNC will have to throw everything they have at the Bulldogs to avoid another non-conference loss. Overall, the players that these teams will have on the court and the circumstances of both teams desperately needing a win makes this game a must watch Top 25 matchup that offers top potential for fantasy players. 

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