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NBA Draft ’17 – First 5 Picks

Pick 1 – 76er’s 

Markelle Fultz, 6’4” Point Guard, Washington

The Sixers drafted the obvious number one in Fultz. Fultz has superstar written all over him with his 6’4” body and extremely athletic ball handling. The 6er’s are developing arguably the most exciting young core in the league. The best surprise here was Dario Saric coming into his own last year and making a big name for himself. However, Embiid, Simmons, and Fultz all have injury history and will always cause concerns for that 6er’s staff. Don’t have high expectations for this upcoming season, as all three big names have yet to play consistent NBA minutes, never mind with each other.

Pick 2 – Lakers

Lonzo Ball, 6’6” Point Guard, UCLA

Like the first pick, this pick was no surprise. The Lakers previously dealt Russell to the Nets which sent everyone the idea that the Lakers were going to go with Ball. Ball plays a very similar game to Russell, but clearly the Lakers feel more confident with the younger Ball and his talents from UCLA. We’ll see if Ball and the Big Baller Brand can make a name in Los Angeles.

Pick 3 – Celtics 

Jayson Tatum, 6’8” Small Forward, Duke

It was a question whether the Celtics were going to use their pick or trade it away for a star. We all kind of knew that the Celtics were going to pick Tatum if they were to use their pick. Tatum is just another young player to add to the plethora of young talent in Boston. His tall 6’8” stature fits well into the Celtics rotation as they have had issues with Forwards in the past. We will see if the Celtics can pull off a trade for Heyward, George, or Griffin in the near future to have Tatum and Brown learn from.

Pick 4 – Suns

Josh Jackson, 6’8” Small Forward, Kansas

Josh Jackson is an incredible talent out of Kansas. The Suns look to have a bright future ahead of them now with Booker, Chriss, and Jackson. Expect the Suns to still have issues winning games for now, as they still need to develop their team. There’s rumors going around that Bledsoe could be dealt away at anytime, meaning more weight on Booker’s shoulders. The Suns staff look to Booker to be their rising star and face of their franchise for the next 10+ years. Jackson should be able to mesh well with this fast moving offense, due to his incredible hustle and athleticism. We will see if Jackson can leave it all on the court and stay out of trouble off the court in Phoenix.

Pick 5 – Kings

De’Aaron Fox, 6’4” Point Guard, Kentucky

The Kings got themselves an excellent passer and scorer with Fox. Fox really shined in Kansas and created great looks for all the players who played alongside him on the court. He has been compared to John Wall’ court presence, but lacks the ability to shoot the long ball, which is a bit concerning in the way the NBA is played today. We Will see if Fox can establish himself as the PG 1 for the King’s future.

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